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Serving Southeast Iowa between  
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D and R Aviary has hand fed, tame, loveable parrots for sale. Whether you'd prefer colorful markings or a colorful personality, we'll help you choose the right parrot. Please note that all shipped orders through us must be a minimum of $250.

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Learn about D and R Aviary

D and R Aviary in Southeast Iowa is a respected bird breeder that has more than 35 years of experience. Our team has received copious amounts of positive feedback. We even have a five-star rating from past customers on birdbreeders.com. We encourage you to rate your experience with us as well!

Shipping is available throughout the US. Our first choice is United Pets Safe for about $130, though Delta Pets First is also an option at $160 to $180. This includes shipping costs, a crate, and insurance. When your bird is ready, you can pick it up, or have it shipped. If you live within Southeast Iowa, at times we are able to meet for delivery. We provide excellent bird breeding services which is under the following: Indian Ringneck Parakeets, Parrot Breeds, African Gray Parrot, Timneh African Gray Parrot, Solomon Island Eclectus, Blue Front Amazon Parrots, Meyers Poicephalus Parrot, Senegal Poicephalus Parrot, Quaker Parrot, Rosella Golden Mantle, Fiery and Rubino Rosella based in Iowa. 

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